Solve Picky Eating

Learn the method that will turn your picky eater into an adventurous, intuitive eater


Are your kiddos showing signs of picky eating behaviors? Getting pickier over time? Are mealtimes turning into battlegrounds and causing stress?

I’ve been there, and I know how hard it is. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn the method that will end your family’s food battles and help you grow adventurous, intuitive eaters...

  • Locked in food battles with your kids
  • Stressed out about what to serve at meals
  • Bribing, begging, punishing, rewarding & cajoling to get them to eat
  • Unsure how to get your kids to eat healthy balanced meals
  • Frustrated that they only want sweets, snacks and refined carbs - not meals
  • Tired of short-order cooking
  • Worried your kids aren’t getting enough nutrients
  • Wondering why other kids seem to happily eat a wide variety of foods
  • Overwhelmed by meal prep and busy schedules

…then this course is for YOU!


"From my 25+ years of experience, Malina’s advice is right on target, simple to understand, and easy to implement. In addition, this course is an incredible value in that it covers many hours of professional advice in an easy to listen/view, go at your own pace format."

Jennifer Gruen, MD, FAAP
Owner of Village Pediatrics LLC

If you’re tearing your hair out, dealing with picky eating behaviors in your kids, know that you are not alone. Studies show that depending on the stage of growth, picky eating behaviors affect up to half of all children.

As parents and caregivers, we all want our kids to get the nutrients they need to thrive and grow. But feeding kids is about more than just nutrients. Sometimes, it can tip into stressful & complicated territory - and some guidance and support from a family feeding expert and registered dietitian nutritionist can make all the difference. What if...

  • You went to bed every night, confident that your child is well-nourished, growing & thriving
  • Mealtimes were calm, free of food battles and no longer revolved around “how many bites…"
  • Dinner conversations were pleasant and you actually got to enjoy your food and family time
  • Providing solid nutrition for your kids felt possible and within your control
  • At check-ups, you could happily tell the pediatrician that your child eats a wide variety of foods
  • Restaurant menus were stress-free because your child would always find something to eat

Using my simple method to solve picky eating can have an enormously positive impact on your child’s nutrition AND your own wellbeing.

"Malina's online course is everything you need to know about working with a child who is a picky eater. She delivers the information in a format that is easy to understand and she cuts right to the chase."

Kristin Brown, BSc, Registered Dietitian & Mom of 2
Owner of Grounded Health Nutrition & Wellness

I'm Malina Malkani, MS, RDN, CDN, registered dietitian nutritionist, author, media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and mom of 3 behind the Instagram account,

My tips and strategies have helped hundreds of families work through picky eating, reduce mealtime stress, grow more adventurous eaters and establish a feeding structure of wholesome, healthy meals.

As a single, working mom of three little ones myself, I can totally relate to your struggle.

As a result, I’ve created a methodology that will help reduce your kiddo’s picky eating behaviors and show you how to make feeding your kids a more relaxing, successful, enjoyable experience for everyone.

This course packs a TON into short modules that only last between 5-15 minutes each – I designed it for busy parents like you and me. Finish it all in one sitting or a little at a time, whatever works for you!

Solve Picky Eating
Modules include:
  • Module 1: Division of Responsibility
  • Module 2: Family Meals
  • Module 3: Getting Your Kids Involved
  • Module 4: Exposures
  • Module 5: Food Battles
  • Module 6: Fruits & Veggies
  • Module 7: Sweets & Treats
  • Module 8: Screen Time & Picky Eating
  • Module 9: Eating Out with Picky Eaters
  • Module 10: Dealing with Outside Influences

Value = $299

Reducing your Own Stress
Bonus Module

Offers solutions to issues like, what do you do if your child doesn’t eat or drink dairy and you are concerned about bone growth and development?

Value = $99

When to Seek Outside Help
Bonus Module

Learn to determine the difference between picky eating and extreme picky eating, what do for each and if it’s time to seek outside help and if the answer is yes, where to turn. Included in the module is a tool with specific questions you can use to determine whether extra support for your child’s picky eating behaviors is needed

Value = $199

  • Foundational tips and in-depth strategies to manage and reduce picky eating
  • Hand-outs to help you implement the strategies and tips
  • No Expiration Date on Your Access to the Course

Value = $49

"From the science behind selective eating, to her thoughtful recommendations on how to introduce children to a more expansive eating style, the course is clear, informative and practical."

Jennifer Gruen, MD, FAAP
Owner of Village Pediatrics LLC

Join the Solve Picky Eating online course (a $646 value) for the Introductory Price of $159!


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    "As the parent of one selective eater, and pediatrician of many, I can attest that Malina Malkani’s Picky Eating course is chock full of insightful information and useful advice."

    Jennifer Gruen, MD, FAAP
    Owner of Village Pediatrics LLC

    "This course cuts the stress out of worrying about your child's eating habits. If you are looking to learn to handle picky eating before picky eating is a thing in your family, or if you are looking to solve picky eating now. This is the course for you."

    Heather, Mama of 5

    "You will leave the course with actionable steps that you can start implementing in your life right away and the confidence that you are setting your child up for a lifelong positive relationship with food. I am a huge fan of Malina's work and I would HIGHLY recommend this course to all parents!"

    Kristin Brown, BSc, Registered Dietitian & Mom of 2
    Owner of Grounded Health Nutrition & Wellness